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This page contains a listing of various individuals, groups, companies, or organizations that we deal with on at least an occassional basis and have found to be of better than average value. If what you're seeking is provided by one of them, do give them a call and mention you heard about them here.. If you have had particular success with other vendors, drop us a note at and we'll check them out too.


Modems, Routers and ISDN

  • Arcom Electronics, San Jose, CA - Joe Fisher - (408) 452-0678 x 275
  • WH Networks, Mountain View, CA - Wolfgang Henke - (415) 960-9316


  • WorldNet Computers, Milpitas, CA - Eli - (408) 263-8088

    Phone Lines

  • Shakala Communications, Sunnyvale, CA - Wendy Grace - (408) 523-9820


    HTML Code

  • Los Trancos Systems, Mountain View, CA - Charlie Prael - (415) 943-1370


  • Arlin Robins, El Cerrito, CA

    Commerce Services

  • Sigma Networks, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 - Don Hackler - (408) 523 9820
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